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A Short Film by Anamon Studios

Let’s Eat follows the story of an immigrant mother and her daughter as they navigate through the beauty and challenges of life. Despite the difficulties they face, the warmth and love of family provides comfort and closeness, and cooking becomes a symbol of their unconditional love for one another.

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Dixon Wong is an American film writer and director, and is the co-owner of Anamon Studios, a small independent studio based out of San Francisco. “Let’s Eat” is an 8 and a half minute animated short film, and is his debut as a writer and director. He wanted to tell a story about how we often lose sight and take people for granted, and to show appreciation for those who held us and supported us from the beginning: our parents.

Dixon Wong



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Amy Kuo



Amy is a producer and an advocate for women, LGBT+ and people of color. She founded Anamon Studios to help students and recent graduates to gain the experience they needed in order to be hireable in the competitive animation industry. In this time, she also worked at Industrial Light & Magic as a Technical Assistant where she got to work on films such as Black Panther, Ready Player One and Thor: Ragnarok. As a child of immigrants, she dedicates Let’s Eat to all the parents out there - especially to those who are immigrants and who rarely get to have their stories told.

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