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A Short Film by Anamon Studios

Follow an immigrant mother and her daughter through their journey of growing up and apart. Though born into different cultures which leads them to take their relationship for granted, they learn that the unconditional love they share is irreplaceable.


About Us

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Let’s Eat is a 6 minute animated short film that centers on the relationship between a mother and daughter in a Chinese-American immigrant family. Let’s Eat strives to be a universal story told through a distinctly Asian-American voice.


As a single parent in an unfamiliar country, Ma’s entire life centers around raising Luan, her rambunctious young daughter. Likewise, Luan spends her childhood indulging in endless quality time with her playful, loving mother. However, as Luan grows up, it isn’t long before daily life interferes and causes mother and daughter to grow apart. By channeling their feelings into cooking, the two strive to find their way back to each other, one homemade meal at a time.

Ma and Luan’s tale touches upon mother-daughter relationships, the American immigrant experience, and the unspoken translation of love into food - familiar themes reflected through a fresh perspective often overlooked in mainstream media. We at Anamon Studios aim to share in our similarities as much as we celebrate our differences, and to this end we hope that Let’s Eat will resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and experiences.


Sneak Peek

Preview Artwork from the Film


Anamon Studios

About the Team

Anamon Studios is an independently-run animation studio based in San Francisco, CA co-founded by Amy Kuo, Dixon Wong, and Andy Wedell. Now with more than 40 passionate  artists, we are eager to share stories that bring diversity and representation to the forefront of the animation space!

Let’s Eat is our heartfelt and sincere contribution to the world of Asian American & Pacific Islander representation in animation and the entertainment industry. In December 2016, Ma and Luan’s story was a simple idea shared by the 3 co-founders of Anamon Studios. At the time, our dream was simply to create the best short film we could and to do justice to a story we passionately wanted to share with the world. However, it quickly became clear that we weren’t the only ones with this dream. As of May 2018, our Let’s Eat family has grown bigger than we could have imagined. From writers, to CGI artists and voice actors, to social media managers, over 40 amazing individuals have volunteered their expertise and time in support of this vision.

Amy Kuo


“Our story showcases the bittersweet reality of how often times leaving the nest can also mean leaving one’s parents behind. For immigrant parents, this becomes especially poignant as they have often sacrificed their own countries and cultures to make their children’s dreams possible. As the child of immigrants myself, I want to dedicate Let’s Eat to all the parents out there - especially those who are immigrants and who so rarely get to have their stories told.”

Team Anamon

Anamon Studios was founded on the hunger for experience and fearless enthusiasm. With the support and guidance of Nimble Collective, Anamon’s mission has developed into creating a platform for artists, especially minorities, to tell their stories. Let’s Eat is only the beginning of Anamon Studios' venture in telling sincere and heartfelt stories about people of color. We hope Let’s Eat’s success paves the way for more opportunities for us to tell more authentic stories and share them with the world.

Dixon Wong


“In many ways, Let’s Eat is a love letter to my parents. As children grow older, we often lose sight of the people who helped us succeed. In my case, I began to take my parents for granted. With this story, I want to show appreciation for all the things they have done for me that I may not have been able to see or appreciate at that time.”


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